Jooste Cylinder & Pump Company celebrates 50 years

... it started with a vision

The Jooste Cylinder & Pump Company (Pty) Ltd was established in 1967 by Mr Christie Jooste.

Mr Jooste, a borehole driller at that time, had the vision to develop a borehole pump using a cylinder that delivered more water while using less power compared to the old brass cylinders.

The first stainless steel cylinder was manufactured in 1989 and won the "Cullinan Good Engineering Design Award" in 1993. Over the years the Jooste Cylinder has been improved to the cylinder manufactured today. Over 125 000 Jooste Cylinders have been produced.

In December 2013, Mr Conleth Costigan became the new director, bringing with him a new vision to expand the market in South Africa and into Africa, to improve existing products, and to do more research and development on new products, such as a new solar-operated pump and small powerhead.

For more information, visit the Jooste Cylinder & Pump Company website.