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Groundwater-Industry Businesses: Join the BWA

Join the BWA and get the opportunity to connect with suppliers, government departments, and potential clients. You'll also get many other membership benefits, including sales leads by being on the BWA Membership Directory; reduced advertising rates in the Borehole Water Journal;   and the status that comes with being a part of a group of top-quality businesses who are committed to sustainable groundwater. 


Everyone benefits from sustainable groundwater usage:

Communities will be assured of clean groundwater for generations.

Businesses in the groundwater industry
will be assured of an economic future.

The environment will be preserved and protected.

The goal of sustainable groundwater usage across the southern African region can only be achieved through collaboration and by implementing a clear strategy. This is why interested entities from across the groundwater industry came together to form the Borehole Water Association (BWA). Learn more about what the BWA is all about.


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