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Membership Benefits

BWA Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Appearance on the BWA Membership Listing, which is given to end-users enquiring about specific services

  • Subscription to the Borehole Water Journal Online

  • Access to a network of people and companies in the groundwater industry who are committed to upholding minimum standards

Membership Fees

  • Entrance fee: R500 (incl 15% VAT) - payable once only on joining

  • 2019 Annual Membership fee R4960 (incl 15% VAT) (Prorata if you join during the year)

So if you join in SEPTEMBER 2019 you pay:

  • An Entrance fee of R500 (incl VAT) - payable once only on joining PLUS

  • A Membership Fee for Sep-Dec 2019 of R1653 (incl 15% VAT)

  • TOTAL due if you join in September 2019 is R2153 (incl 15% VAT)

Membership Application Form

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The BWA was involved in drawing up a set of standards for borehole construction: SANS 10299: Development, maintenance and management of groundwater resourcesClick here to purchase a copy online in PDF format from the SABS.

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