The BWA promotes the sustainable use of southern Africa’s groundwater.

If your company is part of the groundwater industry and is committed to this mission, then we invite you to become a BWA member.

If you are an end-user of groundwater, whether on a farm, or in a residential garden, then browse our website and get in touch with the BWA. We’re in the business of providing excellent information to you, so that you can get many years of sustainable water from your borehole.

How do we carry out our mission?


Building a groundwater industry community

The BWA brings together national and local government departments; manufacturers of drilling, pumping, control and ancillary equipment; drilling and installation contractors; and professional consultants from the groundwater industry.

Members benefit from being part of a network of individuals and companies who are committed to upholding the minimum standards of practice and who offer complementary products and services.


Keeping members up-to-date with industry developments

The BWA uses our various communication channels to keep our members up-to-date with the latest developments in the groundwater industry.


Consumer education

The BWA offers information and impartial advice to end-users of groundwater – over the phone, by email and on our website. We aim to educate the public by using our own communication channels, such as the Borehole Water Journal and our website - We also reach end-users through public relations initiatives.


Development of minimum standards of practice

Since its inception in 1980, the BWA has been committed to establishing minimum standards of practice for the industry. The BWA played an integral part in the development of a comprehensive set of groundwater industry standards through the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

We believe that the application of these standards will lead to better accountability, increased professionalism in the groundwater industry, and better protection of the groundwater resources of southern Africa.

We realise however that the development of standards is a journey, rather than a destination, and so we continue to review and improve upon these standards as the groundwater industry develops.


Building partnerships with related organisations and government

The BWA has a close relationship with the national Department of Water and Sanitation, so we are well informed about government priorities and initiatives in the groundwater industry.

We have established partnerships with international organisations such as the National Groundwater Association in the USA (NGWA). We also work with local organisations such as the Ground Water Division of GSSA, Joburg Water and SABI as we carry out shared aspects of our respective missions.