Last Updated: 23 October 2017

The following is a disclosure to website users ("you").

This is a website sponsored by The Borehole Water Association of Southern Africa (“the Association”). The Association is made up of member companies ("members") who pay an annual fee.

The purpose of the website is to educate and inform end users of groundwater so that they can get good value from their boreholes and related installations, and so that they will use groundwater resources sustainably and in a way that does not harm the environment. The website also aims to educate members of the groundwater industry on topics of a technical and business nature. 

We publish educational articles from individual contributors, as well as promotional articles from the public relations teams of our members and advertisers. The opinions voiced by our contributors on this website do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Association.

We will provide interested parties with a list of our members, on request. Although these members have committed to working to registered standards, the Association does not guarantee or endorse their work, nor take any responsibility for any business or contractual relationship that may be entered into between you and the member.

The Association displays paid advertisements for groundwater-related companies ("advertisers") in our online magazine, The Borehole Water Journal Online. The Association does not guarantee or endorse the work of our advertisers, nor take any responsibility for any business or contractual relationship that may be entered into between you and the advertiser.

The information on this website is for educational or informational purposes only. The information presented may be from context-specific experiences and is not a guarantee or promise of specific results. You should not rely on the experiences or results given on this website and should always consult with a professional before relying on information on this website. Only a professional can assess your specific situation and give advice accordingly.

If you would like to engage the services of any of our advertisers or members, we highly recommend seeking references and conducting your own due diligence on these companies. We also recommend that you and the relevant company enter into a contractual agreement prior to any work commencing. The Association will not be party to any contractual agreements made between our members or advertisers and you, and it takes no responsibility for the ensuing business dealings.

Questions and Contact Information

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