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The Borehole Water Journal Online Showroom

When you sign up for a BWJO Showroom ad, your company will get the following exposure:

  • On the Issue Page, your company's logo and a compelling headline will be displayed on the right hand side of the page.

  • When a visitor clicks on your logo or headline, they will be taken to your company's Showroom Page - a web page dedicated entirely to your company.

  • On each Article Page (here’s an example of an article page), your company's logo and headline will be displayed in the sidebar.

What can you put on your Showroom Page?

Here are some ideas for compelling content for your Showroom Page:

  • Case Studies that illustrate the benefit of your company's products or service (rather than simply listing the features of a product or service) perform very well.

  • An article about one of your new products

  • Interesting company news

  • An article that promotes a new service

There is no word limit for your Showroom page, although we recommend focussing on one particular campaign or product, rather than overwhelming your visitors with too much text. You may also include images and links to your company’s videos on a platform like YouTube.

Advertising Period

The ads will be visible for the duration of the relevant publication period of 2 months for single-issue advertisers and for 12 months for those signing up for an annual contract. Annual advertisers may update their Showroom page for each issue.


Please provide us with:

  • Your company logo (.png or .jpg) - ideally in horizontal orientation.

  • Press release or advertorial. We recommend writing a compelling headline, as this is what will encourage people to click through to your Showroom page.

  • Images that add visual appeal to the story - these may be photographs and/or diagrams. If you have several images, these can be put into a browsable gallery.

  • Website link (URL) that you'd like to direct visitors to. This could be your website homepage, but we recommend directing visitors to a more specific page on your website, for example if your case study has been highlighting a particular product, then direct visitors to that product's page. Alternatively, you could set up a custom landing page for BWJO Showroom visitors, and track the number of referrals you receive.


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Publication Information

The Borehole Water Journal Online is an online publication aimed at decision-makers and end-users in the groundwater industry, particularly in the public service, mining and consulting industry.

Frequency: Published bi-monthly - January, March, May, July, September, November

Editorial deadline: 1 week before date of publication

Advertising deadline: 1 week before date of publication

Language: English

Editorial: The Borehole Water Journal Online articles are aimed at members of the groundwater industry and include knowledge-sharing articles, industry news, interviews with leading individuals in the industry, and technical articles aimed at drillers, installers, manufacturers and consultants in the groundwater industry. We source content from BWA members who are specialists in their fields, as well as top international trade publications. To submit articles for consideration, or if you have any other Journal queries, contact John Tonkin at

Distribution and subscription: The Journal is emailed to the primary and additional individual contacts of each of our member companies. Also included in the mailing list are municipalities, professional consultants, manufacturers and suppliers of groundwater equipment, government bodies, engineers, foreign organisations and embassies, water-related bodies and associations, end users and prospective borehole owners. We also get subscription signups from the website and via email. Subscription is free.

In 2018, the publication reached over 61 500 unique visitors, who are specifically interested in groundwater-related products.