Thanks for the memories - a message from L'aura

L'aura James, Editor of the Borehole Water Journal Vol 19-99

My first port of call will be to give thanks to John for his kind and thoughtful words of thanks to me for the work I have done on the printed issues of the Borehole Water Journals.  

It is now my turn to give praise to him and his team for the wonderful development of the new BWA and BWJO website!! It has surpassed all my expectations and I can only give them a loud ‘shout-out’ of WELL DONE!! I was a bit sceptical in the beginning when I first made the decision to go online with the Journal, but I am ever so happy that we all took a deep breath and ‘went for it’!

A lot of work, time, effort, dedication and a touch of midnight oil has gone into the new website. Those of you who pop in to have a look and see what is on offer from the BWA will be delightfully surprised by what you find – something for everyone who has a borehole, or intends on having one, and for those who earn a living out of the borehole industry – you will find it all right here.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone I have worked with to get Volumes 19 to 99 of the Journal published. Each one of you (you know who you are – far too many to mention by name here) contributed to this end result! We did well!

A word of thanks should also be given to those who first came up with the idea to publish a Borehole Water Journal, way back in the 80’s when the BWA was first formed. I think the words spoken at the time were ‘the groundwater industry needs a mouthpiece’ and so the Borehole Water Journal was born!    

John, I wish you and your team every success in taking the Journal forward!