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Structural Geology for the Mine Geologist and Structural Modeling

Glenhove Conference Centre

Presenters: Dr Andy Killick & Dr Christopher Tuitz

About the course

The course will start with an overview of stress and strain concepts, as well as a refresher on stereograms in order to provide a basis for the rest of the course. A significant amount of time will be devoted to faulting but folding will also be covered. The final sessions will deal with mapping and borehole logging techniques. Although the course is confined to a lecture room setting this is intended as a practical introduction, keeping theory to a minimum.

Who should attend

This introductory course is designed for those who have a degree in geology and require a refresher or exposure to tools and techniques to enable them to better understand the geological structure of the environment within which they work. Relatively inexperienced exploration and mine geologists who are engaged in mapping or the interpretation of geological structure are likely to benefit from the course. Experienced practicing structural geologists wanting a refresher in introductory techniques are welcome.

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