Launching Shared Ads in the BWJO

Click to view the 2016 BWJO Infographic in PDF

Click to view the 2016 BWJO Infographic in PDF

Looking to advertise in the BWJO, but the standard ad rates don't quite fit your budget?

If you are a BWA Member, you can sign up for a Shared Ad and save 40% on the standard advertising rates.

What is a Shared Ad?

Let's illustrate with an example. In a month, say there are 6000 visitors to the BWJO. If you sign up for a Shared Ad, your ad will be displayed to 3000 of those visitors. The other 3000 visitors will see another ad.
This means that you can take advantage of significantly lower advertising rates.
Even though your ad will only be shown to half the visitors, with our numbers going up at the rate they are, you'll still get excellent coverage for an excellent price!
There are further savings if you sign up for 6 issues.

Shared Ads Launch SPECIAL!

Sign up before 10 March 2017 to advertise in Volume 106 and receive the following extras for free:

  • One free Showroom Placement in Volume 106 (valued at R2234).
  • Free graphic design services (valued at approximately R1500) to make up your ad in the required format.

Benefits of advertising in the BWJO:

With your BWJO ad, you'll get:

  • great coverage in an audience full of high-quality leads
  • a report on how many impressions (views) and clicks (leads) your ad received for that volume of the BWJO
  • advice on your online advertising strategy
  • the option to change your ad for each volume of the Journal (for 6-issue signups)


Click here to download the 2017 Ratecard.

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