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Sustainability Week

Advancing the Green Economy through the sharing of knowledge and experience across disciplines, sectors, and markets – actively seeking to develop and accelerate sustainability oriented project pipelines.
The convergence of government officials, private sector investors, business operators, professionals, researchers, and NGO’s under one roof to re-engage on key challenges and solutions will once again prove to have a catalytic effect on the Green Economy.

Highlights for Sustainability Week 2016 include:
The 2nd annual African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum, led by the City of Tshwane, and which welcomes high level delegations from cities around the African continent to deliberate on shared experiences and perspectives, and agree on matters of leadership in relation to sustainable cities. The 10th annual Green Building Conference, will focus on African approaches and leap-frog thinking to bring fresh thinking to what is fast becoming a mature market.

CSIR International Convention Centre