Groundwater News Roundup (Aug/Sep 2019)

Here's a quick roundup of news in the groundwater space.

South Africa has sufficient water in storage until the summer rains

South Africa has sufficient water in storage, provided it is used wisely, the Department of Water and Sanitation has said.

Sustainable boreholes could be our ticket to prosperity

Kenya is facing a water crisis. Not availability of water but accessibility to the water already obtainable. The World Health Organisation recommends 1,000 cubic meters of water per person per year.

SA miners may struggle to secure enough water - Moody's

South Africa's mining industry may struggle over the next two decades to secure reliable sources of water, according to Moody's. Mining companies need millions of litres of water for processing ore, smelting and refining, dust suppression, as well as for their equipment and employees, the ratings agency said in a research report.

Europe’s water: efficient use is a must

Clean water is a natural resource vital not only for life on Earth but also for the wellbeing of our societies and economy. However, in many parts of Europe, this valuable resource is coming under increasing pressure, often seen in the form of over-exploitation and pollution.

Research Study: Microplastic Contamination Found in Groundwater

(WESTERVILLE, OH – Feb. 7, 2019) While it is widely known discarded plastic debris and microplastic contamination is widespread in surface water and aquatic ecosystems worldwide, an eye-opening study in Groundwaterthe National Ground Water Association’s (NGWA) leading technical journal, indicates the presence of microplastics in the groundwater aquifers we use for drinking water as well.