Groundwater News Roundup (Jun/Jul 2019)

Here's a quick roundup of news in the groundwater space.

Hydrogeology of South Africa

Much hydrogeological and groundwater information and many resources, including detailed maps, reports and other documents, are available for South Africa. This page provides a brief summary of hydrogeological understanding and groundwater resources in South Africa, and links to some of the many available resources.

Nedbank has announced a R25 million boost for critical water source areas, biodiversity hotspots and the rural economy in the Eastern Cape

Nedbank has committed R25 million towards safeguarding critical water source areas, biodiversity hotspots and rural livelihoods, with a strong focus on the Eastern Cape. The money will be spent in partnership with WWF South Africa which has a long working relationship with Nedbank.

Groundwater Fundamentals: Groundwater’s importance to the environment

Hydrologists estimate, according to the National Geographic Society, U.S. groundwater reserves to be at least 33,000 trillion gallons — equal to the amount discharged into the Gulf of Mexico by the Mississippi River in the past 200 years.

At any given moment, groundwater is 20 to 30 times greater than the amount in all the lakes, streams, and rivers of the United States.