Groundwater News Roundup (Apr /May 2019)

Too busy to keep up to date with groundwater news? Here's a quick roundup.

Restoring the Riviersonderend

The Riviersonderend catchment is where the 2019 Journey of Water is taking place. Here's why...

Although little known to the residents of metropolitan Cape Town, the Riviersonderend (or “river without end”) today is recognised as a critical river for the role it plays in the landscape.

Researchers examine the age of groundwater in Egyptian aquifers

Groundwater in Egypt's aquifers may be as much as 200,000 years old, and that's important to know as officials in that country seek to increasing the use of groundwater, especially in the Eastern Desert, to mitigate growing water stress and allow for agricultural projects.

Low-cost way to explore groundwater resources could be game changer

Groundwater exploration can be achieved at much lower cost and with less invasive procedures thanks to a new passive technique being championed by UNSW engineers.