Groundwater News Roundup (Dec 2018/Jan 2019)

Here's a roundup of some of the main stories making news in the groundwater industry.

Interview with SRK Consulting Principal Hydrologist Peter Shepherd about hydrology

Listen to some interesting information about hydrology.

World’s Groundwater Reserves Facing Major Environmental Crisis

Future generations could be faced with an environmental ‘time-bomb’ if climate change is to have a significant effect on the world ‘s essential groundwater reserves.

Competition for Shrinking Groundwater

The U.S. has less fresh groundwater than previously thought, according to research by UC Santa Barbara scientists.

Microplastic contamination found in groundwater in U.S.

A new study is the first to report microplastics in fractured limestone aquifers - a groundwater source that accounts for 25 percent of the global drinking water supply.

As a shortage looms, groundwater takes on added importance in the Colorado River Delta

COLORADO RIVER DELTA, Mexico — The workers were bundled up, some of them in hoodies, spread out across a muddy field on an unusually rainy morning at the Laguna Grande restoration area. Their shovels stood upright, wedged in the soft ground as they planted cottonwood and willow trees and other riparian vegetation.