Top Content for 2018

Here are the most popular articles from the BWJO from 2018, based on number of page views. If you’ve missed one of these articles, now’s your chance to catch up.

Number 1: What to look for when drilling a borehole

First time buyers of borehole systems can be forgiven if they see the process as being risky and expensive. This need not be the case.

This article gives sound advice on the whole process. Following the basic rules covered will ensure the best possible chance of a successful and cost-effective borehole.

Read how it’s done here.

Number 2: Is my borehole running dry?

During the recent drought, a borehole owner expressed concern that her sprinklers were becoming very “weak” and she was worried that her borehole might be running dry. So we thought we'd explain the situation in this article, so that end users of borehole water would get a better idea of how the water in their boreholes was recharged.

Drillers and pump installers may also find this article useful to pass on to their clients to help them get an idea of what they can reasonably expect from their boreholes in the medium to long-term.

Read more here.

Number 3: Selecting the right borehole pump

So the borehole is drilled and now it’s time to install a pump. In this article, we go through the factors that a reputable pump installer would consider when selecting a pump for a borehole installation.

The aim is that you, the end-user, understand why a particular pump has been selected for your borehole.

Read about the factors to consider when selecting a pump for a borehole installation here.

Number 4: Is all groundwater safe enough to drink?

Groundwater from non-polluted areas is generally safe for domestic purposes - to drink, prepare food, wash clothes, bath and water the garden. But how can we be sure that the chemical, microbiological and physical properties of water are acceptable for domestic users?

In this article, we will look at the need to analyse groundwater samples to determine its quality.

Number 5: Are boreholes a good investment?

The answer was a surprise both to the geohydrology company that supplied the material and to all of us at the BWJO.

Groundwater resources have always played a critical role in meeting the water demands of traditionally water-scarce areas of the world, but what about the cost of having a borehole drilled and equipped?

In this article, we looked at two examples to demonstrate how groundwater can serve as a very attractive investment rather than just a pure expense. If you haven’t already, read the full article here.

If you have a good borehole-related story to tell in 2019, we would like to hear from you.