Volume 108: In this issue...

Many people in South Africa rely on groundwater for drinking, cooking and washing, but how can we be assured of its safety? The feature article, Is all groundwater safe enough to drink? provides an overview of water quality sampling and gives tips on collecting water samples.

New regulations to curb delays in water use licencing, explains the recent regulations from the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) that will hopefully overcome the long delays in securing water use licences, and allow more streamlined implementation of projects.

We can’t live without water so we have to use it wisely. It’s time to take the journey of our water takes you on WWF South Africa’s Journey of Water.

What Cape Town can learn from Windhoek on surviving droughts describes how Windhoek has conquered multiple water crises, and how Cape Town can learn from this city's experiences.

Our News section has an article about living sustainably, and there is also an article on what needs to be done about Cape Town’s water crisis. There is also our usual round-up of stories that have made the news during the past two months.

We invite members of the groundwater industry to submit articles and press releases for consideration. We love to share news stories and articles that inform end-users and that develop the skills of our groundwater companies. And if you are an end-user of groundwater, please leave a comment on one of our articles, or if you'd like more information on a particular topic, please let us know at editor@bwa.co.za.