Volume 107: In this issue

Water, or the lack thereof, is still dominating the headlines. The fear of running out of drinking water is real in some towns in South Africa. In the article, These towns survive on prayer… and borehole water, the town of Calvinia, together with neighbouring Nieuwoudtville and Loeriesfontein, are profiled. 

This month’s feature article, How groundwater can help – not solve – Cape water shortage looks at options for making relatively quick and expanded use of local groundwater resources – while acknowledging that groundwater is not the panacea for the city’s water woes.

Once a borehole has been drilled, the correct borehole pump needs to be installed to deliver water. In the article, Selecting the right borehole pump, we go through the factors that a reputable pump installer would consider when selecting a pump for a borehole installation. The aim is to help end-users understand why a particular pump has been selected for their borehole.

Squeezed by gravity: how tides affect the groundwater under our feet, describes a new groundwater analysis method that uses the concept of atmospheric tides.

Our Groundwater News section has some interesting reports on what’s happening in the industry, including an article on a water and sanitation project for schools in rural KZN.

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