Volume 105: In this issue...

We have just come through a major drought and yet again groundwater has proven to be a good counter to the problem. The Borehole Water Association’s website and Online Journal contain a great deal of useful information for people considering having a borehole drilled. Have a look at some of our top content in this article.

bwa.co.za and Borehole Water Journal Online usage statistics for 2016 (Click to enlarge)

We can see from the over 60 000 page views and 26 679 visits that there was a great deal of interest in groundwater during 2016. (See our usage statistics infographic here).

Our feature article, Asset management: Life-cycle costing case study on a municipal borehole example, looks at the total cost of ownership of a borehole installation using two different sources of energy.

In Part 2 of the series Borehole Pump Installation Practice, we detail the cooling requirements of submersible electric motors.

Geosciences as a means to address water shortages in Africa takes a look at how tools like satellites, ground based measurements and chemical analyses at different scales can be used to search for water. The article also covers extraction strategies, quality checks, supply systems and maintenance routines. All of these points are viewed from a sustainability perspective.

In the Groundwater News section, you can download a very informative publication called Water: Facts and Futures published by the WWF-SA, which introduces you to the interesting facts behind the state of our nation’s water. There is also a very interesting document published by the Rural Water Supply Network called Code of Practice for Cost Effective Boreholes, which can be downloaded. Our usual round-up of stories that have made the news during the past two months features some interesting reads.

Finally, a note on our next issue. The skills shortage is a serious problem throughout the southern African region, and recently, skills development has been identified by the Auditor-General as one of the major challenges facing the water industry. With this in mind, our next issue will focus on skills development in the groundwater industry, and we would like to get input from all of our members on your successes, challenges and plans for skills development in your companies. Click here to see how you could contribute.

John Tonkin, BWJO Editor