Water: Facts and Futures

Water has been in the headlines in South Africa for all the wrong reasons since late 2015. We have been gripped by the drought crisis, joining other regions of the world experiencing low rainfall in a warming world. Having been spared widespread shortages since the early 1990s, we had grown complacent and forgotten our natural claim to water scarcity.

And now that we have a heightened sense of the worth and importance of water, we want to know more about it and our future prospects. Where does it come from? Who has it? Why is it so polluted? What lives in it? Who is responsible for it? What can we do to secure a better (wetter?) future? What are my water rights?

South Africans increasingly want to know the facts behind our water system, and whether we are headed in right direction for a sustainable future with enough water to meet our needs. Water: Facts and Futures introduces the reader to the interesting facts behind the state of our nation’s water. This is the tip of the iceberg, and we encourage you to dig deeper in the many comprehensive sources of information available. We have also shared some signposts for the future, some of the success stories that South Africans can be proud of. These are examples that can lead us to a sustainable low-water future.

This publication was published in May 2016 by WWF-SA, Cape Town, South Africa and can be downloaded here.