In this issue: Some good ideas for solar energy in borehole pumps

The debate that rages around alternative energy, especially solar energy, demands that we make informed decisions before allocating substantial amounts of cash to panels and control equipment. Our feature article offers some intriguing ideas based on experience in India, another developing economy. Many of the lessons learned and ideas put forward in the article are relevant to Southern Africa and other developing economies.

Our next article tackles the “hot” topic of the cost of a complete borehole installation. Is a borehole an expensive luxury or can it be seen as an investment? Read this for a pleasant surprise!

What do we need to look for when the decision is made to drill a borehole and install a groundwater system? In our next article we take you through the salient points that need to be attended to during the drilling and installation process.

As South Africa starts drawing on solar energy to meet growing electricity demand, it is pioneering the best ways of responsibly managing the groundwater impact of these vital projects. In our article Protecting groundwater on solar energy projects, we discuss a best practice approach.

In the Groundwater News section, there’s a roundup of some of the groundwater-related stories making headlines as well as a Policy Brief from the Water Research Commission (WRC) entitled Ensuring reliable groundwater supply in rural areas. A worthwhile read for all suppliers of services and products to the groundwater industry. A more detailed report on the study is available from the WRC.

As always, we welcome any contributions and questions.

John Tonkin, BWJO Editor