Groundwater News Roundup

Too busy to keep up to date with groundwater news? Here's a quick roundup.

New way to tame mine water

Researchers in the US have discovered a new efficient way of using calcium phosphate to react with and immobilise uranium. For South African mines, this could potentially help with preventing water pollution caused by mining operations.

Parched Prospects II - the ISS and WRC Report on Water Supply

We've covered the report here, but other news stories in the general press include:

Disturbing SA water supply report, Cape Times, 6 April 2016

Parched Days coming, Times Live 30 March 2016

Water shedding to start in Msunduzi in KZN

It seems South Africa's water crisis is starting to require drastic measures, as the Msunduzi Water and Sanitation Department in KZN announced that it would be implementing water shedding from the end of April 2016. The measures also involve installing water restricting devices in households across the municipality. The article points out that this move is controversial, given the admission of Msunduzi that internal leaks, notably in prisons and schools, were the cause of excessive water wastage in the area.

Cape water crisis

The water crisis can be felt across South Africa and this article analyses the situation in the Cape, where Cape Town's dams are only 30% full, compared to 56,5% a year ago. One of the solutions mentioned is to increase Cape Town's use of groundwater from 2% to 7%, at least as a temporary measure.

Satellite Eye on Earth: March 2016 - in pictures

Not specifically a groundwater story, but a fascinating collection of images captured by European Space Agency and Nasa satellites in March 2016. This Guardian article will no doubt be of interest to many of you in the groundwater community.

South Africa: Groundwater an Option to Current Water Crisis

Director General of the Department of Water and Sanitation, Margaret-Ann Diedricks encouraged South Africans to use groundwater as an alternative to surface water. She was speaking at a conference held by the Water Resources Group (WRG) that aimed to build partnerships to help governments to use water more sustainably and efficiently. The article goes on to quote Dr Shafick Adams at the WRG, who outlines the role that groundwater can play in alleviating the drought.

A reflection on Earth Day 2016

An international reflection on Earth Day and its principles.

The Hidden Water Crisis: From Sharing Resources to Sharing Scarcity to Dealing with Non-Availability

This Huffington Post article by Philippe Joubert looks at the water challenges (and often crises) in countries like Saudi Arabia, Brazil, India and South Africa. He proposes a governance model for water usage, particularly for groundwater, and he warns that water management is a ticking time bomb that needs to be addressed.

South Africa's Borehole Crisis

This Mail and Guardian article warns against the over-exploitation of groundwater resources and points out problems like poor mapping of groundwater reserves. 

Shallow groundwater poses pollution problem for Africa

This article looks at the groundwater resources across Africa, reviewing a study conducted in Belgium, which has identified that much of Africa's groundwater is vulnerable to pollution because it is very shallow.

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