In this issue: Low-yield boreholes, non-return valves and protecting borehole water quality

The fifth edition of the Borehole Water Journal Online (BWJO) is out. With 54 634 page views and an audience size of 19 554, we are ecstatic! Our content seeks to answer the many questions that have been sent to the Borehole Water Association office as well as disseminating information aimed at uplifting the industry.

Given the recent drought conditions, some boreholes are not producing the yield that their owners have been accustomed to. Our feature article, When drought hits your borehole: dealing with diminishing yield and low-yield boreholes, gives some tips on how to manage the water that your borehole can provide.

Can we prolong the life of the borehole pump and motor? Our first in a series of articles on Borehole Pump Installation Practice looks at the role of non-return valves in an installation.

Protecting Water Quality in South African Boreholes is a Water Research Commission (WRC) study that investigates in-situ iron removal in aquifers as a way to prevent production borehole clogging.

The world's biggest source of freshwater is beneath your feet highlights research carried out on groundwater by a group of researchers at the University of New South Wales.

In the Groundwater News section, read about the history of Hose Manufacturers SA who are celebrating 50 years of being in business. There is our usual round-up of stories that have made the news during the past two months.

I would like to hear from you if you have any contributions to make to the upliftment of the groundwater industry.