Submit an Article to the BWJO

Get publicity for your projects and your company by submitting an article to the Borehole Water Journal Online.

The BWJO is a trade publication, aimed at individuals in the groundwater industry including drillers, pump installers, manufacturers and consultants. 

The types of articles we're looking for include:

  • Feedback on a project your company has been involved in e.g. successes, lessons learned, photographs of the final result.

  • Technical articles in your area of specialty. BWJO readers are from the drilling, installing, manufacturing and consulting areas of the groundwater industry, so articles should be aimed at at least one of these groups, while having general appeal to professionals across the industry.

  • Opinion-pieces on groundwater-related issues currently in the news.

  • Interviews with authorities in the groundwater industry.

  • Articles about small-medium business management that would be useful to people in the groundwater industry will be considered.


The benefit for you as an author is free publicity - we receive a very impressive number of visitors each day, and our audience is highly targeted. You can include a short biography about yourself with a link to your company's website, which will appear at the end of the article. You'll also be playing your part in sharing your knowledge and experience with the industry at large - something everyone will benefit from.

Articles should meet the following criteria:

  • Articles must not overtly advertise or promote a company or product. Keep in mind that a well-written and interesting article will be a very effective "advertisement" for your company. If you'd like to submit advertorial or promotional content, then we'd invite you to advertise in our Showroom.

  • Appeal to the BWJO's readership of Drillers, Installers, Manufacturers and Consultants in the groundwater industry.

  • Word count should be roughly between 1000 and 2000 words, but we will accept longer or shorter articles if they appeal to our audience.

  • Include good-quality photographs or diagrams that support the subject matter.

While we welcome article submissions, the BWJO Editorial team reserves the right to decline to publish an article. We also reserve the right to edit articles to fit our specifications, however we will seek your approval before publication.

Please send your articles for consideration to: John Tonkin at