Simplified Control Valves for Irrigation from Ultra Control Valves

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Maric Flow Control valves maintain a fixed, pre-set, constant flow rate, regardless of pressure.

A constant flow rate, even while demand for water, or upstream or downstream pressures are changing, can offer valuable protection for flow rate sensitive equipment and water distribution systems.

Why use a Maric Flow Control Valve?

  • Valuable protection for flow rate sensitive pumps, filters, pump glands, and water distribution systems

  • Compact – as compared with conventional diaphragm valves

  • Tamper proof – as these valves provide a fixed flow rate, it prevents unauthorized adjustment

  • Automatic – the rubber’s orifice diameter responds automatically to pressure fluctuations

  • Maintenance free – no external actuations or wearing parts

  • Self cleaning

  • Life span of up to 20 years

What the Maric Flow Control valve does

The Maric flow control valve is designed to deliver your required flow rate, irrespective of pressure differential*, over a wide range**.

The minimum differential required to achieve rated flow for a Precision Maric valve is 140 kPa.

*Pressure differential is difference between the inlet and outlet pressure
**Pressure differential range for Precision type Maric valves is 140 – 1000 kPa

How the Maric valves work

  • The Maric valves utilise a flexible rubber control ring, with an orifice diameter that responds instantly to fluctuations in water pressure

  • As pressure differential increases, the orifice diameter reduces to maintain the pre-set flow rate

  • Likewise, as pressure reduces, the orifice opens up to maintain the pre-set flow rate

These valves are particularly suitable for use on poor water quality, because the flow controlling element is a rubber material, and flexes under normal operation. This minimises the risk of blockage, and eliminates the build-up of scale.

Watch two videos about the Maric Flow Control Valves and download the Maric brochure here.

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