Solar water pumps – any application!

Pump 3-phase directly with solar

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“We have the latest and most advanced technology for pumping water with 3-phase pumps directly from a solar array,” says a proud Terry Moss of All Power who has more than 25 years’ experience in solar water pumping.

During the past more than 3 years the company has successfully installed more than 400 high flow 3-phase systems that allow pumping of water at unlimited flow rates directly from solar, and which result in substantial savings on electricity and fuel costs.

“We use a special design formula to ensure best performance under cloudy conditions – this is one of the features that make the WaterMax 3-phase pumping system unique. In addition, the engineer-developed frames can be adjusted according to the season, no matter the size,” he adds. “We have numerous references of customers who are extremely satisfied with their 3-phase solar water pumping systems.”

However, the most impressive feature of the system is the specially developed MPPT-technology inverter designed to maximize power to the pump and ensure best performance under all conditions.

All Power recently added a brushless series of solar pumps to their well-known positive displacement DC pump range. All pumps are constructed from high quality bronze and stainless steel to ensure they last for many years. They are lightweight and easy to transport and install. Maintenance is low-cost, simple and quick, and since products are manufactured in-house, spare parts are readily available.

More than 25,000 WaterMax solar powered submersible pumps are operating in South Africa and a large quantity exported to more than 15 countries worldwide including the USA, Australia, Mexico, Spain and a number of African countries.

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