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Pumping water out of the ground, be it for your home, a farm or from 3000m underground, let’s just say that there are a few details that need to be taken care of...

We at Ritz Pumps have had to face up to these aspects for decades and, quite frankly, looking at what we have achieved, we feel very pleased with the results.

Installing two large Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) submersible pumps

Installing two large Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) submersible pumps

One of our recent projects that we are particularly proud of, involved the supply and installation of some very large pumps for Acid Mine Drainage (AMD). You will have heard a lot about the danger posed by the very acidic water levels that are rising in the ground beneath the Witwatersrand. This water poses a significant risk to the Reef’s water supplies and to many parts of the region’s infrastructure. Ritz Pumps was contracted to supply 2600kW, 6600volts 3000m3/hr pumps to lift this very aggressive water out of a mine shaft and deliver it to a dedicated treatment plant that will clean up the water to a point where it can be safely released back into the system.

Although this is an example of a large project, we have some innovative solutions for projects of all sizes and complexity that we would like to share with you.

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