New Rust-Resistant uPVC Borehole Pipes from Borequip

Borequip (Pty) Ltd is an importer, supplier and distributor of the Ashrivad product range of modified uPVC (unplasticised poly vinyl chloride) borehole piping and fittings. These products fill the gap in the market for corrosion-resistant and light-weight piping that can easily be fitted in sections.

These novel ‘plastic’ rigid column pipes for submersible pumps and windmills not only eliminate the backbreaking and time-consuming work associated with installing, checking and maintaining steel rising mains, but can last up to 50 years.

More than 500,000 installations using this product already exist in various parts of the world. Locally pipes have been fitted both on electric submersible pumps as well as windmills, revolutionising water delivery from depths of up to 330 meters, under almost any conditions.

Borequip is well equipped to handle the technical issues related to the product and are well positioned in the major cities of South Africa. Distribution is nationwide.